Our Credo

Public Service Announcement:

We are a FOR PROFIT business. Any business that tries to say that they are not in business to make money or that their main interest isn't making a profit is not being honest.  We won't pander, pretend, provoke or even posture about our monetary goal. We're here to proliferate, profusely.

Just about every time we sell you something, we make money. Sometimes, on some items (we'd tell you, if we knew), we lose money to encourage you to try something new, or to move excess inventory, or because there's a typo on the price and we haven’t caught it yet. But we need to eat, so our main reason for being in business is to make money.

We are NOT going to give you some long-winded story about how we’re “saving the planet”, or that we are “here for our customers”, or “we’re giving back to the World”…. Nope, we are pure capitalists. So, if that bothers you, don’t purchase. Pay more somewhere else and feel better, but those companies are just for-profit in disguise. They disguise themselves by over charging you.

Our opinion is that YOU should decide for yourself how, and what, you want to do with your money. Why overpay for a product so that company can then do something with the excess you paid them to make THEM look good? Just pay the lower price (to companies like us) and YOU can then decide what to do with the savings. Isn’t that more sensible? Yes? Great, Welcome. 

It's a good thing (for you and for us) that we are in business to make money. We do realize that we need to make you happy so that you’ll keep coming back and we’ll keep making money each time you do. We know you have options. We need to be your best option. That’s why we need to bring our A game, every day.  Hopefully, you'll reward us for it.  That's our diabolical plan.