FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are you?
A:  A team of profit-seeking, working-class nobodies.  We work long hours, weekends too. Life's expensive and this is how we earn a living. Just about all of us have dogs, too.

We won't bore you like 'they' do with stories about how amazing we are and how this or that we are (yawn). Let's just say we know what we're doing, and our product quality meets or beats the price you pay. 

Q: Hey, what’s so bad about dog waste?

A:The average dog “produces” 275 lbs. of waste per year. Just 50 dogs in a community can create almost 7 TONS. Try lifting that over your head. It’s the #3 contributor to water supply contamination. Waste from 100 dogs could close a Bay to swimming in under a week. (It’s a good thing the “Elephant as a Pet” program never caught on)

Dog waste carries bacteria (with long names we can’t pronounce) that can remain in the ground for a long time. These bacteria are easily transmitted to other dogs, kids and adults. That’s a bad thing.

Dog waste is unsightly, it stinks, and it’s unhealthy to come into contact with – and all of that is easily remedied by simply taking 2 seconds to pick-up after your dog. If only all the World’s problems were so easily solved. Maybe they are – give everyone a bag, pick up the problems, throw them away, and presto, PROBLEM ARE SOLVED.

Q: Why Are Your Bags So Good?
A: Our commercial grade, heavy-duty roll bags are probably the best you can buy. We sell jillions of them. Owners love our bags, dogs love their owners, and we love everybody. A+B=C. That’s our secret success formula.

Our roll bags are packed in a roll of 200; each roll is then boxed for easier stacking and storage. (ever try to stack slippery rolls of bags? – We did, that’s why we box ‘em.)

The actual roll of 200 bags is 2.5” D x  8“ W and when boxed it’s is 3” D x 8.25” W. They’ll fit any standard roll bag commercial dispenser thingy such as Dogipot or Peachtree Fido House. But they WILL NOT fit those small leash bag holders.

A case of 1000 bags is about the size of a shoe box. If you’ve got room for a box of shoes, you’ve got room for a case of bags. If you don’t, then you have too many shoes – donate a pair and get a box of bags.

(Did we mention that these make great HOLIDAY gifts for dog owners? Well, they do. Finally, something practical and thoughtful they can USE everyday.)

Q: How Much is Shipping?

A: FLAT RATE of $9.99 for any size order. Buy s’more, Save s’more.  Everybody got that? Good, let’s move on.

Q: How Do I Use Your Bag?
A: Instructions for Use: Slip hand into bag (like a mitt), pick up waste, then pull bag down over your hand and over the waste and like a magician – presto, the waste that was outside is now inside the bag and your hand, which was inside the bag, is now outside. Houdini! Twist the top of the bag and tie into a knot – dispose of responsibly in a trash can. DO NOT FLUSH the bag.

By the way, these bags come in REALLY handy as a car trash bag. Tear off a few and keep them in your glove compartment. Great for travel too – you can save the wet hotel soap, bag it and bring it home! (OK, maybe that’s a stretch) You get the idea – these aren’t going to go to waste; you’ll use up more than you think, so order BIG.

Q: Why is www.DogWasteBags.com the BEST?

A: OK, let’s review –

1)    We’re the CHEAPEST (ok least expensive), as low as 2 cents.
2)    FLAT RATE SHIPPING – $9.99 anywhere in the USA 48 states.
3)    Our bags are commercial grade and user friendly.
4)    We take almost every form of payment thinkable.
5)    We really enjoy saving our customers money. 

Combine your bag needs with friends, neighbors, relatives – total strangers, even.
You won’t find lower prices for 1st quality dog waste bags ANYWHERE.  

How do we do it? – Who cares? What matters most is that we do it.

The truth is that we don’t gouge our customers. We sell DIRECT. We have our own warehouse and are always 100% in stock.  
No middleman, No distributors, No retailer mark-ups. 
Plain old-fashioned, vanilla ice cream, VALUE.

So ORDER big (we like that), and SAVE BIG (you like that) and we’ll all be happy.

Don’t forget – $9.99 shipping for ANY size order.

Thanks to you and all our furry, cold-nosed friends.

Q: Are your bags biodegradable? 
A: NO. (except for those marked compostable) FTC Green Guides of October 2012 states that even though a product may be biodegradable, if the customary disposal method available to the person using the product will not permit it to degrade, then such claims cannot be made. For example, if the customary disposal method in your town is incineration then any degradable bag will NOT have any environmental impact because it would burned before any of the environmental benefit would be realized. Similarly, if the customary disposal method in your municipality is sanitary landfill, as most are, then no degradable bag will have any environmental benefit. So if another company says their bags are 'earth friendly' or 'oxo-degradable'  that's called 'GREENWASHING' which means they are trying to pretend their bags have some benefit, when in fact they don't and they can get into BIG trouble. More than just going to bed without supper kinda trouble.  The BIG kind.  Stripes on their PJs.