Bag Facts

Bag Facts-- Latin translation:  bagus-factualis

Q: Why Are Your Bags So Good?

A: Our commercial grade, heavy-duty bags are really good. We sell jillions of them. Owners love our bags, dogs love their owners, and we love everybody. A+B=C. That’s our secret success formula.

Our Commercial Roll Bags are packed in rolls of 200; each roll is then boxed for easier stacking and storage. (ever try to stack slippery rolls of bags? – we did, that’s why we boxed ‘em). The bag itself is: 8" W x 13" L.

The actual roll of 200 bags is: 2.5” W x 8" L and when boxed it’s: 3” W x 8.25” L x 3" D. They’ll fit any standard commercial roll bag dispenser such as Dogipot® or Peachtree Fido House®. But they DO NOT fit the small leash bag holders. See our LEASH BAG section for those.

A case of 2000 roll bags is about the the size of a shoe box. If you’ve got room for a box of shoes, you’ve got room for a case or 2 of our roll bags. If you don’t, then you have too many shoes –donate a pair and get a case of bags.

Our ONEpul® Header Bags are: 8.5" W x 13.5" L with a dispensing strap across the front and fit any header bag dispenser with 5" holes on center. This is our most popular commercial bag. Why?  Because the ingenious strap limits the amount of bags you can pull out to one-at-a time. It's like a box of  Kleenex®. The ONEpul® bag system means less inadvertent (i.e., less wasted) bag usage.  

The MittN Bag header bags are: 8.5" W x 12" L and have a 5" gusset at the bottom that forms a "mitt" or "pouch" at the end of the bag; so you can 'scoop the poop'. The MittN Bag header bags, fit all 5" on-center header bag dispensers, too. (we're pretty smart, right? – making these fit the same dispenser that our ONEpul® bags fit – so you can use either in the same dispenser-- yes, even at the same time.)

Our Tie-Handle Bags are exactly that – a standard, commercial Roll Bag, with 2 'handles' so it's easier to tie-up after using and toss away. Plus our Tie-Handle Bags have a side gusset that EXPANDS the bags to an enormous size to help you pick up even the largest present your dog delivers. The Tie-Handle Bags come 300 bags per jumbo roll and are designed to fit our Tie-Handle Dispenser. The roll size is: 5" W x 7" L. They'll also fit the Tie-Handle Dispensers offered by Crown Products/Poopy Pouch/HD SUPPLY, – but ours are HALF their price, so buy from us and not from those guys. Those guys are OK, just way overpriced. Nothing personal guys, but your high-prices are INSANE. See a professional.

(Did we mention that these make great HOLIDAY gifts for dog owners? Well, they do. Finally, something practical and thoughtful they can USE everyday. Much better than a fruit cake or another tan sweater.)

Q: How Do I Use a Dog Waste Bag?

A: Really-- you don't know? How can somebody not know how to use a seatbelt on an airplane? Why do they let even THOSE people on the plane?

OK here goes....Instructions for Bag Use: Slip one hand (not both) into bag (like a mitten), pick up waste, then pull bag down over your hand and like a magician – presto, the waste that was outside is now inside the bag and your hand, which was inside the bag, is now outside. Houdini. Twist the top of the bag and tie into a knot – dispose of responsibly in a trash can. DO NOT FLUSH the bag or shoot it into outer space.

By the way, these bags come in REALLY handy as a car trash bag. Tear off a few and keep them in your glove compartment. Great for travel too – you can save the wet hotel soap, bag it and bring it home! (OK, maybe that’s a stretch.) You get the idea – these aren’t going to go to waste; you’ll use up more than you think, so order BIG--you save and we make more $$$ when you do.

Q: Are your bags biodegradable? 

A: Eventually everything degrades, even plutonium. BUT.... The Federal Trade Commission's Green Guides of October 2012, states that even though a product may be biodegradable, if the customary disposal method available to the person using the product will not permit it to degrade, then such claims cannot be made. For example, if the customary disposal method in your town is incineration, then any degradable bag will NOT have any environmental impact because it would burned before any of the environmental benefit would be realized. Similarly, if the customary disposal method in your municipality is landfill, as most are, then no degradable bag will have any environmental benefit. So, we are unable to make any claims or the FTC will drop down on us like the house did on the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. By the way, no other bag supplier can make any claims either – if they do, they are gunna be in big trouble with the powers that be in Washington DC. And they be.